Abunda: TOMIHO is worth idolizing for

The King of Talk has spoken. And when he said it, he means it.

Mr. Boy Abunda, the King of Talk, expresses his view on the popularity of the ToMiho love team, which started in the recently concluded edition of PBB737.

He said in his Twitter account: May we all help TOMIHO to effectuate all their goals. Empower each fan and let them feel that TOMIHO are worth idolizing for. A few reminder

On the same night after the interview was aired, Mr. Abunda claimed in his another tweet that he also become “Sira Ulo” over Tomiho. He tweeted: TOMIHO fans are really cute when they call themselves “Sira Ulo”. Therefore,”Sira ulo” rin ako. one of you, Abundance!

This only indicates that even the popular talk show host is infected by the ToMiho virus.

In an interview with Miho in Tonight With Boy Abunda, the talk show host asked her about her feeling towards Tommy. Miho is consistent with her answer that Tommy is very special to her heart, and it was only him who taught her to feel in love again in the last five years. 

When asked to complete the statement: Si Tommy ang ________ sa buhay ko. Miho answered, “Nagpapakilig sa buhay ko”.


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