A Saturday to Remember…

It was Saturday before noon at Ynares Center Antipolo. I have my morning class, yet I told my students to just finish their previous activity. I came late though in my next class, but I was very happy because I finally saw and touched you. My salary deduction is incomparable to the happiness I felt because of my experience.

I remembered, my student and I were at the other wing of the gym waiting for the players to go outside the gym. We were so fortunate that after hours of waiting we had our pictures with kuya Mark Caguioa, Greg Slaughter and Scottie Thompson.

We ran hurriedly when we heared of small crowd shouting on the other wing. That is when we realised that you were in the other exit point.

When I saw you, you were holding your basketball shoes while many were huddling to take photos with you. We surrounded you like all other fans would do. Then you took a pause for a moment. You went to the other corner of the entrance of Ynares Center- the place where I was waiting for my turn to have photos with you. I was lucky for I was beside you whíle you were sitting to fit in the shoes in your bag. As you stood up, I became more excited for you were just inch away from me. I held on my emotion since I was really decisive to hug you. I followed you as you walked towards outside the gym. You were so kind and generous to have photo opportunities with us. You are indeed humble, your trait that we love the most.

When I saw the others asked for autograph, I envied them so much. I should also have your precious signature. So, I also took a piece of paper from my bag. Unluckily, I do not have a blank paper.What I had was a sheet of bond paper whích has print on the other side. It didd not matter at all, I still handed you the scratched paper and have the blank part to be autographed. I noticed that your other fans did not mention their names so that you could write it alongside with your message. I took advantage of that moment to introduce myself to you. I said, “Hi, I am Batch”. That called your attention. I was surprised by the tone of your voice when you responded after I introduced myself. You said, “Oh, you are Batch…” then you gave me a slight look. It sounded like you know me before. I got a hint that probably you are familiar of my name because I frequently post and tag you those photoarts I made for you in my Instagram account. Actually, you hit “like” in four of my posts and you left comments in two of these posts. I do not know if you had read those words of encouragement I had sent you as Direct Message in Instagram, but I assume you did. Anyway, after you gave autographs to your other supporters, I was surprised again when you reached your hands to mine just to say “nice meeting you”… I was lucky because I was the only one who received such attention as I observed you while welcoming your other supporters. I thanked you for showing such humble gestures and for being such a welcoming person whom despite of your fame, you remain loving and passionate to your supporters… that experience was not memorable… that is an immortal experience… May you always be who you are, no matter what…

Chris Ellis we are with you in your journey in keeping the ball rolling…


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